High Fen Editorial offers the following services:

Proofreading: dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s; checking that finished documents are polished and 100% correct.
Light copy editing: Making sure that layout etc. is correct; copy editing at the sentence and paragraph level. Checking for consistency of information and format, readability, and grammatical correctness, in addition to all the tasks involved in proofreading.
Heavy copy editing: Copy editing at the whole document level, including chapters, sections, and layout, in addition to all the tasks involved in light copy editing and proofreading.
Substantial editing/rewriting: Taking a document that has all the information but needs organising and turning into a coherent finished document.
Copy writing/ghost writing: Producing a finished document from notes/draft material.
Indexing: Creating an index from a finished document.

Other editorial services that do not fit into these categories will be considered; just email editorialhighfen.couk stating your requirements.