Paper-based: email me your Word document or text file, or post a print-out. I will produce mark-up using BS5261 symbols and post it back to you.

Computer-based: email me your Word document or text file. I will edit it, tracking changes and giving comments where I am not sure or where there is information missing that I cannot fill in. I will then send it back to you to check and respond to any comments. If you are happy at this point no further work is required. If you have made substantial changes or would just like another editing pass, you can send it back to me; this step should take less time than the initial editing.

Copy writing/ghost writing

Send me a draft or notes together with the requirements for the finished document. This should include, for example, any style guide or formatting instructions, the readership at which the document is aimed, and any aesthetic/usability instructions. Larger projects may either require a deposit or need to be split up into smaller jobs with payment due at each stage.


Send me your finished Word document together with a description of what is required. This should include, for example, the number of index levels required, any length limitations, and any style or formatting instructions.


If you require conformance to a particular style, for instance corporate, professional or publication, I will adhere to the style guide. In the absence of any other style guide, I will adhere to my own, which can be produced upon request. I will work in UK English or American English, as required.


I will send you my invoice electronically. Payment can be made through bank transfer or by sending a cheque. Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date. For very large jobs I might either request an advance payment or split the job up into small components with payment due on completion of each component.