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People waiting for things to start.
Catherine, Helen, Karen, Hedley, Emma, Andrea, John and Slimey.
The bridesmaids.
Catherine and Karen
More people waiting.
From left to right (in foreground): Ian, Boydie, Heds, John, Liz, Slimey, Poz, Velvet, Tim, Kathy
The car arriving.
The bride arrived.
Behind: Margaret Richardson, Mark, Jason, Velvet, Poz, Slimey, Liz, ??, Froggie, Hedley, Simon, John, Ben, Helen, Boydie, Kath, Vyvyan, Piers, Sally Topping (The ??s are because the picture is too small to tell!)
In front: Amanda, Geoff Richardson, Karen, Catherine
Formal shot.
Karen, Catherine, Amanda and Geoff Richardson
The bridal party going in to the hall. Signing the register.
Jen Smith playing.
Behind: Gareth Williams, John Williams, Chris, Nora Williams, Jason, Danny Topping, Mark Williams, Ian Smith, Sally Topping.
Everyone listening to Jen Smith playing.
Signing the register, with witnesses. Bride and groom.
Drinks reception.
Chris, Jason, Mark, Amanda and Mike.
Bride and groom, showered with leaves.
Surrounding: Emma, Christine Payne, John, Ben, Henry Hodges, Andrea, Richard, Hedley, Neil, Kerry, Margaret Richardson, John Little, Karen, Catherine, Jason.
More leaves. Bride and groom surrounded by everyone.
Left to right: William, Allan Frost, James Wiggin, Jackie, Velvet, Chris Frost, Clive Semmens, Vyvyan, Kathy, Julie Wiggin, Tim Roddis, Slimey, Hobson, Rosalie Hodges, John, Liz, Helen, Henry Hodges, Ben, Andrea, Hedley, Gareth, Emma, Poz, Neil, John Williams, Nora Williams, Piers, Stan, Richard, James, Froggie, Deb, Kerry, Geoff Richardson, Poppy, Clive Semmens, Rachel, Jeremy, Margaret Richardson, Dan, Beth, Peter Richardson, Janice Richardson, Boydie, David Richardson, Jen, Mark, Sally, Sabine, Win Little, Ian, Diane Richardson, Mary Topping, Charles Hills, Danny, Martin, Karen, Gemma, Catherine, Chris, Kathryn, Jason, Gillian, Simon, Beverley, Roland, Robert, Sylvia, Clare, Ron, Simon.
Bride and groom surrounded by everyone.
(and Jason's tongue in his mouth, where it belongs)
A gift from James Mold.
Left to right: Piers, James, Mike, Amanda, Margaret, Geoff
Both sets of parents.
From left to right: Geoff, Margaret, Mike, Amanda, John, Nora
Both families.
From left to right: John Little, Geoff, Win Little, Margaret, Gareth, Martin Topping, Robert, Mary Topping, Charles Hills, Mark, Sally Topping, Danny Topping, Peter, Janice, Ron, Sylvia, Mike, James, Amanda, David, Nora, Jeremy, Diane, Deb, John
Bride and bridesmaids being blown away. Friends group photo.
From left to right: Kerry, Vyvyan, Clive, Roland, Hobson, Sabine, William, Beverley, Gemma, John, Catherine, Ben, Emma, Ian, Velvet, Neil, Piers, Heds, Karen, Simon, Tim, Andrea, San, Helen, Boydie, Rosalie, Slimey, Poppy, Kathy, Beth, Dan, Poz, James, Rachel, Jason, Kathryn, Julie, Ian, Chris, Henry, Jen, Gillian, Allan, Christine, Diana, Simon, Clare, Amanda, Mike
Bride and groom. Bride and groom.
The reception. Cutting the cake.
(and eating it)
Groom's speech... ...being well received.