The Wedding

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On September 29th, 2000, Mike and Amanda got married at Wimpole Hall. Here are some of their pictures.

Many of their friends were invited, and took lots and lots of pictures. Here's some of their websites filled with great snaps of the day!

For some reason I, Ptoboley, wasn't invited (apparently, I would have clashed with the bridesmaids' dresses). I'm not bitter, although I really should be. It was me who paid for the whole thing. Took me ages to save up, that did. I even had to cancel my annual vacation to Sweden.

The Honeymoon

After the wedding, Mike and Amanda went to New England, whereever that is. (I'm from Sweden, you know.) They took lots of photos, mostly of trees (there's lots of trees in Sweden), skies (there's lots of sky in Sweden too) and big tall buildings called 'skyscrapers' (there's none of them in Sweden, but they sound scary, so that's okay).

There's a separate page just for those photos!